Connecticut Casino Expansion Benefits Northeastern Corner Of State

Even though there are some signs of slowing in the residential market, the retail and commercial markets continue to grow. Two of America’s largest casinos are located in Eastern Connecticut. Due to the growth of casinos and other businesses nearby, the area saw a rise in population and an economic boom. From Norwich North along Route 32 and Route 395, major developments have been either announced or have begun construction. There are many development opportunities available in this area, which will enable it to grow.

Casinos contiue to Expand

The area around the casinos is expanding. Both casinos have started major expansions that will double the size of their gaming rooms, expand their hotel and entertainment areas, and more. Foxwoods Resort Casino is currently building 826 additional hotel rooms, a 55,000 square foot ballroom, and 4000 seats performing arts center. The Mohegan Sun Casino announced plans to construct an additional 1,000 hotel room and 115,000 sq feet of retail space and restaurant space. These casinos attract approximately 25 million visitors annually to the area.

Utopia alive but not dead

Utopia Studios still has hope, according to this writing. The plan is for the 400-acre former Norwich Hospital site located across from the Mohegan Moon Casino online casino. The $1.6Billion project will consist of a theater, movie studio and entertainment centre. The project will create approximately 22,000 new jobs, and draw an additional ten thousand visitors each year. Even if Utopia is unsuccessful, major developers still have interest in this property. They will continue to support expansion of the Norwich Market.

Liberty Crossings, an 800,000 sqft mall located close to Stonington, is also nearby. Lowes Homes Improvements and Target anchor this center, which also houses a 330,000-square-foot pedestrian village. A $200 million golf community, Byron Brook Country Club, is currently being built in Occum. The Pequots Tribe Lake of Isle is open.

Northeastern Connecticut is home to large parcels land that are close to major commuter routes. This is not the case in most other parts. Developers found towns open to residential and commercial growth. Affordable housing has attracted residents from Connecticut’s more expensive metro areas, as well as those across the border in Rhode Island or Massachusettes to residential developments. You can easily access Route 84 or 395 from Eastern Connecticut. It also offers easy access to 32 Eastern Connecticut. The distance to New York, Boston, Providence and Worcester is only two hours. Companies looking for efficient distribution networks will find the area a perfect home.

North on Route 32

Route 32 runs North-South in Eastern Connecticut from New London up to the Massachusettes border. Mohegan Sun via Norwich to Franklin Route 32 leads towards Windham, Willimantic. It is both a major commuter route used by local workers, and a tourist route connecting the casinos and Western Massachusettes. Franklin is just over the border to Norwich. There are large parcels on Route 32 that can be used for commercial development. With an average daily traffic count close to 20,000 cars, this area is a great spot for futute. Windham, Willimantic continues to grow due to its excellent demographics, the rebirth Main Street and Eastern Connecticut State University. Windham’s Route 6 retail market is home of Sears Home Depot, Walmart, and other major national retailers.

North on Route 395

It is becoming increasingly popular to travel north from the casinos, up Route 395. This attracts many national businesses and expands residential markets. Lisbon Landing has been a great retail hub. Plainfield, Sterling and other towns further North along Route 395 are poised for the next growth spurt. Ceruzzi Holdings, the developer of Crossing at Killingly Commons and the Plainfield Dog Track, has acquired it. A new retail center, anchored by Tractor Supplies, has been added to Route 395 in Putnam. The River Front Commons project is also included.

Many people have taken to renting and buying homes in the area because there is a shortage of affordable housing. These areas have large tracts of land, as well as supportive towns, and future development is certain to take place in these areas. Northeastern Connecticut’s future development will also be affected by the growth and expansion of Eastern Connecticut.

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