Mega888 Virtual Casinos – The New Era of Gambling

Las Vegas is a city situated in the middle of a desert. The harsh climate would not have made this place suitable for living. Despite all of this, it has been a paradise for the gamblers. What should have been barren and deserted became a haven full of wealth and the home to some of world’s most prestigious structures. All that is good about Las Vegas can be attributed to one vice: gambling. Gamblers travel from all over the world to Las Vegas to place their wagers at any casino, bluff in any poker game, spin the lucky reels of the slot machines, or just enjoy the thrill of roulette. This city has been voted the most exciting in the world because of its thriving gambling industry mega888 download.

Las Vegas has risen to the top of the list. Not from Macao and Monte Carlo. It’s all on the Internet. Online gambling is also making a comeback in the dotcom space. This success is due to millions of potential players around the world who are connected via World Wide Web. Gamblers are not required to pay for airfare and accommodation at five-star hotels in Las Vegas. Gamblers simply need to enjoy the click of the mouse, as well as the excitement of the next results from online gambling. Online gamblers do not need to worry about keeping their money in the vault. Bank transactions are the basis of every financial transaction. Every transaction is subject to bank fees. The financial sector reaps the rewards of this industry.

Online gambling is also gaining popularity. These gamblers gather on an online forum to discuss the pros and cons of gambling. Gamblers also call these sites “rogue” sites. These sites do not allow credit to immediately be withdrawn. Some sites limit credit earning to a certain level or allow withdrawals for a specified time. Bettors may not be able place the bets until they have met the withdrawal requirements. This would eventually result in the house always being in favor. Online gambling forum warns gamblers against these dangerous sites.

While the gambling industry looks promising, there are also its enemies that could lead it to its downfall. This includes the operators of gambling websites. Although it is possible to obtain a random result, it is not always possible. Many people are skeptical about the possibility that online gambling sites can be manipulated. Some gambling sites also counter this suspicion by publishing an audit of odds and announcing higher chances of winning. These sites are not to be overlooked. They also shark on the money of the bettors, leaving them always empty-handed. These are just some of the issues that severely affect the business.

But the US government is the most formidable adversary to the business. Everything has been transformed since the September 11th terrorist attacks. To fight money-laundering, the Wire Act has been passed. In some countries, money laundering is already prohibited. It is widely accepted that money laundering is the source for funds to terrorist and criminal syndicates. The anonymity and ability to hide fraudulent money transactions can make it easy for bettors. Online gambling reached its lowest point in America when it was made illegal. Major Internet sites have followed the lead and removed any advertisements promoting online gambling. Due to its potential tax cash cow, online gambling has some ally in the US Congress. Rep. Barney Franks (Robert Flex) and Jim McDermott have passed various congressional bills to allow online gambling operations to be legalized and regulated. These bills may not pass the US Congress. Online casinos have already lost millions on the US market.

Online casinos are being resisted by the US, but they are welcomed by the European Union as well as some Caribbean Countries. Antigua & Barbados made their case to WTO after online casinos were banned in the US. WTO accepted their trade liberalization laws as they were favorable and rejected US claims that the US was only protecting the public’s safety by banning them. WTO is currently debating the matter. The WTO Court will decide if the US loses the case. If they do, they will be required to legalize the cases and pay indemnities.

Online casinos could be the biggest rival to brick-and-mortar casinos. However, it remains to seen if the world’s public will accept it with open arms. Online casinos must be accepted by certain countries, in particular the US which has outlawed them. It has yet to show that the industry is not a channel for fraud. Although it may not be as popular as real casinos, online casinos will eventually surpass them. The new era of gambling is also possible thanks to technological innovation.

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